Update - Kelly is almost 2 weeks post-treatment

She made it.  I could have said she made it through with flying colors had it not been for a very significant screw up by the pharmacy at the cancer clinic.  Long story short, they mistakenly dispensed dexamethasone to be taken twice a day every day instead of twice a day on Day 1 only of her chemo treatment.  This was not caught for 10 days.  By this time her esophagus was so inflamed she could not eat or drink.  She ended up in the hospital for a week. 

After her esophagus healed she finished her treatment and now her side effects are the same ones everyone talks of here, burned, painful BMs, uncontrollable BMs, fatigue.  But it hasn't quite been two weeks and she's already feeling better and has even gone out on a couple of work-related calls.  She has lost a serious amount of weight, mostly because of that mistake by the pharmacy (which also wasn't caught by the oncology nurse that gave her the pills).  I think she's enjoying her skinniness but she knows she needs to put some weight on.  Her tastebuds have changed and she's not enjoying food like normal.  I wanted to ask you guys if this is permanent, or temporary?

Even though Kelly has not been on this forum herself, she knows I am and Ihave  passed along all kinds of info I learned here.  I want to thank you everyone especially the creator(s) of this blog.  People are so empowered when given the opportunity to come together and share and be supported.  




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I can’t believe how badly they overdosed her medication, that’s frightening and infuriating! I’m so happy to hear she’s feeling better and was able to complete the treatment. As for the food question it’s a temporary change...food will eventually taste good again and many things will improve over the next months and year!
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I am so glad she made it through treatment despite the pharmacy error. Her taste buds will eventually come back to normal, but don’t be surprised if her preferences change for what she likes. As for diet right now. Small, frequent meals. Even if it is only two bites. Try the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. The goal is to stem the diarrhea, but keep stools soft and manageable. The pain with BMs can continue for a while. It’s different for everyone. Every day should get better.
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Appetite definitely came back about 6 months later, which makes sense, since the chemo and radiation stays active in the system that long. I had a new appreciation for food, nature and air, that stays with me now.
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Glad that she made it through, but terrible mistake by the pharmacy! Should never have happened. As for food, this is definitely temporary and the taste will come back. Her intestines were also radiated which explains the uncontrollable BMs, so she will need to take it easy on them. Eat foods that are easily digestible. Stay away from nuts/seeds, popcorn, chips, corn, raw vegetables including salads, and hard to digest cooked vegetables. Think hospital type food - overcooked and bland, in order to create less stool. It also gives intestines time to heal when they are not working so hard. Also suggest using L glutamine powder - about 6 teaspoons a day dissolved in water or other liquid. Very healing for the intestines. Oh, and a good probiotic that contains L rhamnosus might help with diarrhea. As for weight, include good fats like mashed avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil/milk (in shakes is good). Be careful with dairy as that can be hard on the intestines too. She'll get through this, it just takes time.
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How terrible about the pharmacy screwup. I'm glad she's done with treatment and recovering. It will take some time for her to feel normal again, so patience is key.
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Lily, thank you for reminding us all of Jill, the creator of this blog...who has a birthday tomorrow!

But what a horror story...can she manage some peanut butter on plain crackers...that got me through the early days of chemo recovery...it will get better!
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Lily, That's terrible about the mds mixup for your friend. I too have lost a lot of weight due too sores in my mouth from Chemo,went from 148 down to 102 and having a rough time putting some back on. Yes my taste buds changed a lot but slowly coming back. I found eating small amounts like 5 times a day fills me up,and slowly hope to gain some back. I'm 27 weeks out from end of treatment but assure you that it will get better.I'm 72 and fighting for my weight back,it will take time tho. Hugs to her! Sandy
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