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Hi all,

As I recall, there are several different types and styles of Depends.  Any suggestions on the best type for Kelly?  She has had several really close calls due to terrible diarrhea, when she's travelling to and from radiation treatments.   Also, what type of bum wipes are best?  She's not burned yet (she's two weeks in) but will be in the very near future.

Thanks in advance.  What an awesome community and resource this is!



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Hi, I don’t have any suggestions about Depends, but I swear by the use of a water bottle to rinse instead of wipes...a radiation nurse handed me several of these lightweight plastic bottles with three holes on the nozzle...and to this day I still use warm water in this in lieu of paper / wipes because it’s more gentle on the skin. 🤗
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Have not used Depends...but carry wipes all the time! My rad onc recommended Domeboro powders (not prescription)...soak a gauze pad in the solution and leave it for about 30 minutes. I went through a box or two as the skin healed.
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Helen, what type of wipes? Normal baby wipes?
The wipes I carry now are for occasional accidents. One brand is "Always," which comes in individual packets so easy to carry one in pocket or handbag..
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I like "Costcos" "Huggies" wipes; gentle and large; I wouldn't flush them though.
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I had a friend that had this issue and she asked the radiology tech to change her appt. time to 10 or 11 in the morning to avoid normal BM times. That was before lunch and well after breakfast. Then She just wore a maxi pad in ger panties. Not everyone has a problem with diarrhea during treatment so they had no problem changing times for her. I think it was someone from this blog.
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No baby wipes, too rough on the skin. Depends regular are very reliable. The key is to get clean as soon as she can with water bottles.
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During treatment I wore the ones that are a peach/pink color with the design on them. They fit the best. During treatment I got medicated wipes from my doctor that I used in the beginning but about half way thru I just got in the shower. There were no wipes or toilet paper that didn’t hurt really bad.
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I have a bidet, what a blessing that was. Aloe wipes are what I used for when I was out. I didn't need Depends, but did sit on a Chux in the car towards the end. RadioplexRx cream (prescription) is a miracle, apply to clean dry skin, and it heals and protects. Also can radiate thru it. I still use a dab after showering. ***Don't ever flush the wipes, no matter what the package says!***
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I used Depends. The soft ones like cotton. They have some with a plastic outer layer and that is too harsh. The ones I have show a purple ribbon on the front of them. Just like underwear.

My Radiation Doc also told me when I was burning to put cornstarch in my underwear. I got a small glass container with a sprinkle top. Sort of like what you use for parmesan cheese. I used it almost everyday on the Depends. I sprinkled a lot over the whole thing. It did help give me relief from the burning for a little while. It was enough to be able to have a break for an hour or more. They also recommend a lot of sitz baths too.
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I use the Depend Women’s, have for several years. They work great. I wear them to bed every night, even though most nights I don’t have accidents. But go without, and you never know. I used Kirkland moist towelettes, still do. Also Recticare (OTC cream) works great to numb the anal area during treatment.
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Thank you, wonderful ladies. We had a successful trip to WalMart and your input was so helpful!
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I really tried to stay away from those as they are made to suck the moisture out. I would wear a pair of unders to keep a distance from the skin. And moisture well with Aquaphor, when she absolutely needs to night time style, sometimes is a little higher in the back.
You are such a dear for helping!
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My friend starts treatment tomorrow - anal cancer

Hello everyone,

Kelly and I have known each other for about 11 years, and have always called each other "BFF" even though it sounds silly coming from 58 year-old women.  Our birthdays are only 3 weeks apart.  In April she was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the anus.  Tomorrow she starts her treatment which is mytomycin on Day 1 and 28 with Capecitabine orally twice a day M-F, plus radiation M-F.

My husband and I each had our own cancer oddyseys in 2012 and 2013.  I'm a person who likes to know everything about anything I'm taking on.  So I am doing my research about anal cancer so I can support Kelly in any and every way possible.  We are in British Columbia, Canada and the BC Cancer Agency is pretty good, but there is still so much they don't tell you, so it is my mission to fill in the blanks by reading and talking to survivors.  

Thank you for welcoming me into this network.












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Nathan, Jeanie threw a punch at your cancer.
5 people sent you a hug.
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Welcome Lily. I am so sorry that your BFF has to go through this. You have come to the right place. I am only 4 months post treatment, but there are many members here who are 5 and 10 years plus and they have lots of good info and advice. It is a very supportive network with some amazingly strong and encouraging people. You and Kelly are in my thoughts.
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Hi Lily. I am so sorry for Kelly's diagnosis. I hope her treatment will go smoothly and with a good outcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Hugs!
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She is so blessed to have you as her friend. We are all here for you both❤️
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Welcome to the sounds like your BFF means a great deal to you and she will deeply appreciate your support ❤️ and research! This blog was a saving grace for me during treatment and continues to be a major source of comfort an information to me 2 plus years out.
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Hi Lilly,
Welcome! I am in Washington, so, not far away, but a whole different health system.
We have with lots classes, but even in that setting, it's hard to talk about that specific cancer. I have pushed for them to do a women's pelvic cancer, but it may still take awhile.
This is a great place to get questions answered and talk about things off limits to other audience.
Feel free to ask any questions.
We are here for you.
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Hi Lily. You are most welcome and God bless you for wanting to learn about this disease in an effort to help your friend, Kelly. I'm sorry that she has gotten this diagnosis. I am a 10-year survivor, soon to be 11, and I have gotten so much support from this group, so I'm glad you've found us!

If you want to learn as much about this disease as you can, please check out the following websites.
This is a website developed by our BFAC friend, Helen--lots of great info!
This is the website for The Anal Cancer Foundation
You will need to register on this site, but it will give you access to the latest treatment guidelines for anal cancer and lots of other good information.

The good news about anal cancer is that it is very treatable with good outcomes, especially in early stage. Many of us here are proof of that! Treatment is a short course, but can be difficult, so if you have questions, need advice or information to help your Kelly manage side effects, etc., the great group of folks here will help you--just ask! There's a wealth of knowledge here, based on personal experience.

I wish Kelly all the best and again, God bless you for being a great friend to her, especially during this challenging time.

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Sorry to be late coming to welcome you but you will find the best support possible here. Please keep us posted.

I have a website for anal cancer that may be of interest: there is something there that can help the two of you.
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Hi Helen! I have perused your website and it is very helpful. I printed the "Tips from a nurse" and gave it to Kelly. Thank you! Lily
Oh, so glad to read that!
What a wonderful thing to be doing for your friend. This is the best place to learn. Ask questions. Check the files. Read the blogs. I don't know where I'd be without the information and support I got here. So many things I would not have otherwise known. By asking questions, I made different choices then I would have without those answers.
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